Put and call options
Put options give the buyer the right to sell shares of that item at a price and up to a certain date. For their part, call options grant the buyer the right to buy shares of that item at a price and also up to a specific date.

What is a call in trading?
A call option is a contract that gives an investor the right, but not the obligation, to buy a certain market at a certain price on a specific expiration date. The value of a call option increases if the market price of the asset increases.

What does a put mean?
A put option is the right to sell an underlying future at a specified price. When traders go short futures, they profit when the market goes down.

What is put and call in IQ?
Click Call if you think the price will go up, or click Put if you assume the price of the asset will go down. You will have to adjust the strike price as well as the position of the asset price, in relation to the chosen strike price.

What is a long call?
o Long Call: In this position, the right to purchase the underlying asset is purchased on a certain date and at a certain price by paying a premium.

What is call in binary options?
The “Call” binary option is an option that gives the investor a previously established profit when the value of the underlying asset with which he is operating is placed above the strike price after the stipulated expiration date.